Transforming the Mind

Compassionate Presence Brain

How then do we imbue the mind of Christ in us?  Patterning one’s life after Christ occurs through the renewal of the mind (Rom. 12:2).  And since patterns of thinking shape human behaviour, we have been exhorted to ensure that our thoughts, mind-set, and ways of apprehending the world are subjected to the transformative action of the Holy Spirit.  The transformation that occurs in the level of cognition slips into other aspects of the person in its totality such that mind of Christ and Christlike life becomes more evident and palpable for people witnessing this metamorphosis.

For followers of Christ, the mindful and on-going practice and cultivation of compassion through a series of meditative exercises is a very concrete way of nourishing and sustaining the mind of Christ in us.  As a form of Christian meditation, these practices heighten our ability to see beyond the external and into the inner divine life that is always present in us, inspiring us to be transformed into the likeness of Christ.   It readies our heart and mind to become sensitive to the compassionate ways of God and to respond to the suffering of those around us with respect, empathy, lovingkindness.